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Ku soo Dhawow Website kan Cabdifataax

Hargeisa pic
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Boga Jacaylka
indhaha uraxee
hablaha iyo wiilalka
Bogga Diinta
Hargeisa pic

Daawo dalkaaga hooyo ______________?

Scars of the bombing

Scars of the bombing

Scars of the bombing

Scars of the bombing

Scars of the bombing

Hargeisa Reservoir

Meat market in HGA

A view of Sheikh scenery

Berbera beach

A street in Hargeisa

A gas station in Hargeisa

The Twin Mountains (Nasa Hablood)

The Twin Mountains (Naasa Hablood)

Clouds over Daalo

A market place in Hargeisa

A neighborhood

A view of Sheikh scenery

People, Institutions and Culture

President M.H.I. Egal

Somaliland emblem

Vice Pres. Dahir Riyale Kahin

Mr. Mohamoud Salah Nour, Former Foreign Minister

Guurti in Session

Guurti in session

Mr. Qaybe, Speaker of the Parliament


A traditional hut “Aqal”

A camel – pride & wealth

A camel – pride and wealth

The black-headed sheep

A major export commodity

Amoud University

University of Hargeisa

High school students

A class room

Computer skills training

Edna Maternity Hospital

Edna Maternity Hospital

Edna  with U.S.

waad mahadsantahay____________

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